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A unique website that truly reflects who we are

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NLC Fitness Centre - Al MursalinMy name is Al Mursalin and I am the proud owner of NLC Fitness and Training Centre. I had an existing website that was done professionally; however, it was poorly designed and did not accurately represent the philosophy at NLC or the content of our mission statement. NLC is a business that combines both health and fitness and I needed a website that is informative, easy to navigate and reflect both services.

Annemieke is a member at NLC Fitness and during a random conversation regarding my frustration with my website, I learned that she is a web designer. I booked a consultation with Annemieke and we discussed the possibility she might be able to create a website that would address all of my fitness and health services and also be reflective of the NLC Philosophy and Mission Statement.  We discussed all my concerns and suggestions and she created a rough draft for us to look at together. I was impressed with Annemieke’s professionalism, perseverance, skill in listening and communicating effectively, and most of all her eagerness to meet our needs and create a unique website that truly reflects who we are.

Annemieke also provided two hours of instruction on how to oversee and manage the website. She made it easy to understand and her patience and professionalism were very much appreciated. With all of this work we were excited to finally launch our new website. We were not disappointed. Within 2 months Annemieke’s understanding of SEO took our google ratings from page 5 to page 1! We have received great feedback from our clients indicating they like the welcoming format and the overall organization that makes it easy to navigate.

I highly recommend Annemieke and her company for anyone looking for a fresh approach to their website.  You are welcome to take a look at our website and see the great results for yourself!


Al Mursalin

July 26, 2017