Project ISOscout has started

In the end of March we got in contact with a Dutch client who had this amazing new international business concept. After the first two Annova Web Design phases, we are currently designing & building their website, which is our biggest project so far. Read below the highlights of this project ISOscout and a summary about the first 2 design phases.


Highlights of project ISOSCOUT

Read below the highlights of project ISOscout to get an idea of what functionalities & services the new website needs.

project ISOscout started

• International company
• Optimal website security
• Multilingual website
• Database with unlimited options
• Payment gateways
• Client login system
• Google Maps integration
• File upload options
• Business email addresses
• Blog
• >20 pages
• Fully customized template
• Integrated Social Media
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Annova Phase 1: Brainstorm about Requirements & Services


In phase 1 we sat down with the owners of this (brand new!) Dutch company to talk about their company assets & goals, and therefor their wishes & expectations for the new website. The owners already did a lot of research about their field and their possible competition. We brainstormed about their sitemap, content, images, website functionalities & other needed services. Most of this is shown above, in the Highlights of the project.

The project is huge and the timeline is set for 5 months. In those 5 months the owners want to deliver us the content, and also the rules & regulations regarding their new business. We agreed on having at least one phone call a week to discuss the progress.


Update: May, 15th 2017

Annova Phase 2: Content Creation & Website Design


The owners delivered the content in April and asked us to do a check on e.g. consistency/ coverage/ accuracy/ etc. and they allowed us to change content if needed. The owners also asked us to find and purchase the right images.
First, we had to do research about the industry to make sure we can accurately check their delivered content and publish the correct information based on our own gained knowledge. Though, our research is most important to get inspired and to come with new ideas and innovative website concepts compared to our competitors.

In the beginning we designed their new company logo, and we determined a colour palette and overall look for the new website based on the company logo. Second, we created the website structure like the main sections & subpages. We had to do research to some new website features as well, since they wanted to have some high-end and innovative functionalities on the website.
After our part of research and concept building, we sat down with the owners to go over everything before the actual “building process” started. After a few suggestions the owners approved the concept, which was great.
They for sure challenged us and it ended up with a great concept full of options!

We celebrated this phase, because project ISOscout had officially started!


Update: June, 21st 2017

We are in the process of building the website and give it an awesome & consistent look!


Update: October, 6th 2017

Currently the client is checking the website (2nd check) regarding content, images, consistency, functionality and overall look! We are very excited to receive feedback and to make the website ready for a final check!